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Baba Ramdev: A scapegoat for politicians

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Post Title - Baba Ramdev: A scapegoat for politicians

Original Post Date – Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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Yet another attempt is being made to defame the much honoured and respected Baba Ramdev. Baba Ramdev is like Patanjali muni for the current times. He has made Yoga, the ancient excersise, very famous. Yog is not only physical excercise it is a way of life. it is a mental exercise also. Baba Ramdev spectacularly brought back this ancient indian expertise into limelight. Millions of people have attended the yog camp arranged by him. And millions have benefitted by his cure. When we watch television we can see how his yog camps heals, how he alleviate the pains and brings joys and laughter to the lives for people. Instances like loosing 10 KG in 10 days, chronic diseases cured in 10 days are very commonly heard in his camps. People started believing in the magical powers of Yoga.
When I used to read Nirogadham in early 90s at that time there were handful of people who use to appreciate its power. Nowadays one out of ten people will tell you that Yoga is miraculaous. Lakhs of people now go out daily in the morning to pratise yoga preached by Baba Ramdev. With this picture in the background it is really heartening that such allegations are made agains him. The person who deserved to be awarded is facing such charges. And charges are also made by none other than Brinda Karat, a communist.
A communist never uses his head before he talks. They will make weird, baseless and logic less comments about anything haphazardly. They have laughable views on Stock markets, private companies and now yoga. I don't understand why nothing goes to their minds. Please spare non political people like Baba Ramdev. Probably she is doing because elections are round the corner in WB and communists want to bring back their strongholds in the state. But I dont understand the logic of achieving that by raking the nonsense issues.
But thatz what the politics is. Raising the unfounded, unwarranted and nonsense issues always

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