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Era of Judeos Laxmans and Kulastes

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Post Title – Era of Judeos Laxmans and Kulastes

Original Post Date – Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Not so long back we have seen Judeo and Bangaru laxman taking bribes on television. What started as a big melodrama, sensational story and front page news items ended up with enquiry commisions, courts and courts' dates. And we all know how it will finally end.

What's wrong here - In one of my previous article I said politicians are not bad. In fact, they are one of the most pro-active and hard working part of the society. It is in fact the value system in the society which is to blame for. It is typical "Indian" attitude which has to change. We collectively as Indian encourage corruption, carelessness and unethical behaviour.
But I am not saying that this politians are pure and good. They should be equally blamed. In fact they should not be spared and stringent, strict and immediate action should be taken against them. They are misusing public funds for the long long time. It is only now that they are caught.

Role of media - No one can deny the role of the media in todays world. You cannot stop people to become corrupt. But these are the clearer detterrent for them to become so. Sad part is that it all ends up here only. There are many stories which becomes headlines and then soon vanishes. Very rarely channels take the social responsibility and take the story to its logical conclusion. To quote the example. Madhumita murder shouldn't be quoted in the media if the culprits are roaming freely in the society. They are taking the shelter of law but media can rake these issues and get the culprit punished. Same is the case with Abu Salem.
Lately I was watching interview of Sachin Tendulkar in Aaj Tak. Anchor Prabhu Chawla was bomarding him with his question. He was not interested in what Sachin is answering. The only thing he was interested was creating controversies. He was looking for that "Single Statement" which can become a classic controversy. He was paraphrasing Sachin's statement to give it controversial taste. He was raising unrelated issues and questions to him. This was just an example. Similar things happens in other channels and programs. Media just wants to create stories to fill up its prime time. It does not shows any responsibility beyond that

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