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Communists - Which age you are living?

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Post Title – Communists - Which age you are living?

Original Post Date – Thursday, December 01, 2005

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Recently, Montek Singh Ahluwalia commented(read lamented) that india has the potential to grow @ of 10% but looking at the coalition politics it simply could not. What a subtle admittance to the helplessness government has in the presence of Left parties. It is loud and clear "AS LONG AS LEFT PARTIES ARE PART OF GOVERNMENT WE CAN'T GROW FREELY"
Left parties are only responsible for keeping the growth of the country at low rate. Had congress goverment had clear majority at the centre BHEL would have disinvested by now. And the Sensex would have been soaring at much more than 9000 as it is now.
What is wrong with the left parties? Left parties are ruling West Bengal for almost half a decade. Mind you, this is the same bengal whose prosperity has lured the British to come and establish business here. And now WB is nowhere in the FDI map. Why?? It is very discouraging.
Left is living in the Karl Marx' regime. It still believes that communism is a valid philosophy. But the history has shown that communism has failed badly all over the world. Communist USSR is broken into many part. Even, China is now inviting FDI to spur its growth. But why communists in India are so ignorant. Communism is a utopian concept. Any society where Human beings are inhabited cannot accept ideal communism. Human instincts like competition, having more than other, and have social disparity cannot be suppressed. There would be no motivation to work hard if everyone is going to get the same irrespective of the quality or amount of work. As simple as that. Human nature is like that.
In short, Communist should come out of their shells and see the world has changed too much since Karl Marx. Foreign investment, free trade, globalization are the buzz of the era and the only mantra for survival and econonmical prosperity

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